Even beginners to WordPress know the importance of building email lists. However, very few know why it is crucially important. Email lists can significantly impact the website traffic and the revenue your site generates. Hence if you are a blogger or a business owner, you must understand the importance of building your email list today.

Why Must You Start Building Your Email List Today

Email list refers to the list of names and email addresses of the contacts that have permitted you to send your updates and promotions from your business through email. In majority cases, these subscribers have joined your email list from your website after having verified their identity by clicking on a link. Hence it is for sure that they are highly interested in what you have got to offer them.

The Direct Marketing Association has discovered that email marketing can give 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the USA. For some businesses, email lists can bring 10 times more conversion rates than the campaigns run on social media. Here are five invaluable benefits of email as a channel for communicating your products and services.

Emails are personal
Emails make it possible to land directly on the user’s inbox. You do not have to pass through a ranking system to reach your target audience. Emails are direct, casual and very personal.

Emails are highly purposeful
To get your email, the users need to sign up or subscribe to your email list. This can be done only by confirming their email addresses. Hence you can be sure that these audiences are highly interested in your products and offerings. Such users will be naturally more responsive to your message.

Emails are more targeted
As we discussed earlier, the user has already shown his or her interest in your content or products. Therefore you would be naturally aware of what they like and want from you. This makes it possible to provide them with highly relevant content or offers which will maximize the results of the email advertising campaign. This process is also called as segmentation.

You are the owner of your email list
While you do not own the social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google, you certainly own your email list. If the social media platforms have to change their policies, your social media campaigns and SEO efforts can go waste. However, when you own your email list, you are not directly influenced by the decisions of other businesses.

Email is a one to one communication
People can go through the emails in the total privacy of their inboxes. The message you send them is not on a public newsfeed or timeline. Hence it is possible for people to ask you questions on the contents or products contained in your emails privately with confidence. This can help build trust as well as a personal connection.

These are some strong reasons why every smart business on the earth has an email list. While bigger bands have learned this long back and have invested a lot of money on their social media campaigns to get people to sign up for their email lists, small businesses are now catching up with the trend. Why not you? Act fast and start building your email list today.