How To Use Technology To Boost Your Business Performance

January 9, 2020 in Cultivate, Startups

In the list of things that make a business to prosper, perhaps technology has today found the topmost place. In this age of science and technology, you can make the best use of technology for executing your business goals. Technology helps entrepreneurs keep everything in an order as well as ensure the best check and balance.

Technology in business

Invest in productivity software

Many things can create a block in the employees’ performance. It is very difficult to implement new strategies every day. Invest in the right kind of advanced software that can work fast with no errors. Such software help increase productivity by improving the performance.

Stay connected to your customers

Successful businesses must find ways to stay connected to their customers 24 X 7. A superior customer service can help attract and satisfy targeted people. Establish an online communicative environment to take the orders as well as solve the client problems.

Create a great website

Today most searches for businesses happen online than offline. Have a user-friendly website and implement the best SEO practices to increase the visibility of your business.

Use technology to evaluate your employees’ performance

It is necessary to compare and evaluate your employees’ performance by using the right kind of software. Compare their performance month after months and motivate them in order to boost up sales. Make some internal changes to get the most from them depending on how productive they are.

Take advantage of crowdfunding option

Capital is the basic requirement to start a business. Today no more are many entrepreneurs thronging at banks for getting business loans. You can project your business vision online using technology today to attract crowdfunding.

Benefit from Blockchain software

Companies make use of Blockchain software to keep the record. The inability to keep a proper record can lead to disorder. Blockchain can help verify and record this transaction. Use of Blockchain can help you rule out the need to depend on brokers who prove to be very expensive. By moving to Blockchain software you can save enough money to invest back in your business.

Baby Monitoring – How Good Is Technology In Giving You Peace Of Mind

May 19, 2018 in Cultivate, tools

Being a parent for the first time feels nervous for most people. When you prepare to invite that cute, small creature to your family, you also bring bundles of anxieties regarding the baby’s health and wellness. The business world has not failed to capitalize on these parental anxieties and the need for parents to stay at peace with regard to their child. The line of wearable smart baby sensors is an example to this technological innovations. Nevertheless, do these gadgets assure real peace of mind or doing the contrary is the topic of this discussion.

Baby Monitoring - How Good Is Technology In Giving You Peace Of Mind

Some of the startling examples of smart baby monitors include the Owlet Smart Sock, the MonBaby Smart Button, and the Snuza Pico. These devices are to be placed on your baby’s body to monitor aspects of respiration, heartbeat, baby’s sleeping position, blood oxygen level, body temperature and others. If there are notable fluctuations or changes in these aspects, this device and your smartphone connected to it can send signals to warn you. Though the concept is exciting to new parents, the actual experience reveals the results are far from encouraging.

Downsides to smart baby monitors

  • In reality, constant information does not guarantee comfort, rather it can inspire a perennial anxiety.
  • Most devices suffer range issues and cannot transmit the signals when your smartphone goes out of coverage distance. In many cases, you will have to leave your phone within ten feet from your baby.
  • False alarms due to some technical snags are a universal problem in most devices which drive you to panic when things are fine with your baby.
  • Often placing the devices in position on the baby’s body is a problem since you will have to change the baby diapers frequently.
  • Some features that the device markers promise do not work or need a firmware update which can make the process a nuisance and hassle.
  • The FDA has not approved any of these devices for use as a medical device. In fact, the Journal of American Medical Association has warned that there are no valid medical reasons for monitoring healthy babies at home.

The above-said facts based on a realistic experience of using these devices make us wonder whether it is a smart decision to invest in these expensive smart baby monitors to monitor your baby while they can never guarantee the much-needed peace of mind.

ID Cards Of Chinese Citizens Are Moving On To Smartphones

May 9, 2018 in Cultivate, tools

Tencent and Alibaba are found in a stiff competition with each other to get a Universal ID of Chinese Citizens. Now Alibaba is adding digital IDs to its payment app across three cities namely Quzhou, Fuzhou, and Hangzhou. Notably, national identity is a very important aspect of life in China. Back in 2017, Tencent was on the News for bringing a digital ID system on WeChat for one of the largest cities of China namely Guangzhou.

ID Cards Of Chinese Citizens Are Moving On To Smartphones

So far Tencent and Alibaba are battling out their way to strengthen the ubiquitous payment system. Now they are seen competing to grab cities to move the ID cards on to smartphones in their digital format.

Creating a digital ID for the Alipay version is just simple as selecting the ‘Web ID’ under the ‘Card Wallet’ and scanning their faces.

The Public Security Bureau is issuing ID cards to the Chinese citizens at the age of 16. About 1.4 billion citizens of China which are roughly about 60% of the total population now own a smartphone.

Within 7 years of its debut, WeChat has now got 902 million users in an average on a day. These statistics show that almost everyone in China owns a smartphone.

The ruling Tech dynasty of China is highly in favor of deploying artificial intelligence to promote the country’s stability as well as fuel economic growth. Given this scenario, we can hope to see WeChat can become the country’s electronic ID system.

Since the national ID card is considered as the official document for personal identification provided by the Public Security Bureau, having digital ID is highly essential in China where social credit rating will be linked to all citizens by 2020.

China is seen inventing vigorously in the mobile world pointing out to the possibility that the country will become the first mover in the IoE (Internet of everything). The promising trends in the Chinese integration of ID into the mobile app will only mean that China’s internet is going to be more streamlined bundled with sophisticated features and an easy user experience.

What To Watch Out For When Devices Are Getting Smarter

April 27, 2018 in Cultivate, tools

From smartphones to smart appliances, everything around is getting smarter today with every manufacturer trying to breathe ‘smartness’ into their devices and appliances. Smart devices readily satisfy the expectations of the users and have enhanced the quality of life besides helping the users get the most out of their devices in an economic way. However, you must watch out for a few things when you invest in a smarter technology so that you get the best out of them as well as do not feel being lost in any way.

Smart devices

What does the company do with the metadata gathered?

The smart devices are configured to track everything that the user does. Companies are gathering a lot of information by noting the user behavior. Most of the data gathered thus goes online. Hence you must ensure that there is no threat to your privacy and security.

Will the maker of a device stay in future?

Do not buy from very young start-ups. The software development connected to the production of IoT devices make them very expensive. It is common to see most of the device makers go out of the business sooner than you might imagine. If this happens, the devices can also go useless. It is also very difficult to replace these devices. Explore whether these companies are funded well and whether they are committed to assuring a satisfying customer service.

Usability and standards

Reflect on factors such as whether you will need an internet connection to use the product or if the product is compliant with the established standards. This can make a huge difference in whether you are going to use the device only for a few months or years. If you can use the product offline too, it can be a green signal to go for it. Similarly, go for products that you can use without an account or internet.

Despite all these concerns, most of these smart devices can help improve the quality of your life and Hence a proper research must be able to get you going well with most of them.

Check-in the Driverless Rooms—How Cool Would be Your Stay!

January 24, 2018 in Cultivate, tools

Have you imagined how Uber, Airbnb and the classic human desk managers could become obsolete if you could get driverless rooms to sleep in with the entire smart tech integrated to provide you a hotel-room-like experience! Well, it is possible and the future innovations of driverless vehicles, delivery through drones, and augmented reality are a bunch of technologies that could make it possible for you to have driverless rooms for a short night stay or even a longer one.

Imagination is power

Imagine you are visiting a new country for a project and you have a week or so to explore a particular city before you start your nerdy discussions and strategy and even coding. Now imagine barging into a facility where you get a room which looks like a bus but without seats and more like a room. Imagine being greeted by a voice through augmented reality—yes, if you are thinking about the Jennifer Lawrence’s movie ‘Passengers’, you are almost already there.

How cool would it be to have your food delivered through a drone right on the roof of the room from a very famous restaurant without even caring about booking a table or actually going through the maddening traffic? You could ask the driverless vehicle to take you to a nearby beach before you actually doze off to sleep.

To enhance the experience further, you can have special modules ordered at extra payment which may include a spa, a gym or just an extra bed for more comfortable sleep.

It is possible

The beauty of technology is that what looks fiction starts appearing as a distant dream, and suddenly, it becomes a reality. Though right now, it might sound too whimsical or even a fantasy-based scenario, we are eventually heading towards this experience and in near future will have the option to sleep in a driverless room, which is cheaper, cleaner and maybe even safer.

Smart Clothing—Are You Game?

December 27, 2017 in Cultivate, IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) is changing lives for better and more and more items used are being enabled to be smart—clothing can never be out of the ambit because it is one of the most used things in the world. Smart clothing has been known to help in providing heat, light and also sensing capabilities. Well, the future is here, and we are staring right at it! Many companies are already trying their hands in developing the smart clothing technology and devices that could gather the required data for the process of applications.

To know better about how smart clothing can help us, let’s get more information on the known user-cases of smart clothing:

  1. Locating missing people

With the help of smart clothing, a person’s movement and whereabouts could be located, which could help in locating if they go missing. This is particularly helpful for children and the elderly. Further, this application of smart clothing can be applied to some of the pets too.

  1. Alarming the emergency services in case of fatal accidents

Because the smart clothing can have sensing capabilities, in the case of a fatal accident, it can sense the impact trauma and alarm the nearest emergency services to rush quickly to the location of the accident and provide needed help. This could potentially save lives.

  1. Safety on the road

Particularly helpful to constructions workers, the smart clothing can provide light in the evening or in the night just to make sure the workers can be spotted and the vehicles could avoid hitting them.

The Future is on

The applications and capabilities, as the industry keeps developing, of the smart clothing would keep on increasing and more inclusive bring a change in the way clothing is seen as a must-have or an accessory. The future for smart clothing is on and it seems bright!

Local digital solutions firm launches Thinkers Lab after-school program that combines technology + entrepreneurship

August 7, 2017 in Cultivate, Press Releases

A Cultivated Mindset, a Charlotte-based technology solutions firm, announced today the launch of its new, innovative Thinker’s Lab after-school program for Charlotte youth. After successfully piloting the program at Charlotte Lab School in uptown Charlotte, the firm will be expanding the program to other schools in the Charlotte area.

Thinker’s Lab is an after-school program designed to provide a unique learning experience by combining digital media, technology and entrepreneurship for grade school children. The program will teach them critical IT and development skills through participation with technology. Through the program, each student creates a technology project, from websites and mobile applications to future product designs for a non-existing hardware.

“Our program will highlight digital media and technology and help schools address the overwhelming void in the digital media and technology space,” said Patrick Hill, Executive Director of A Cultivated Mindset. “We believe this program is a great addition to any current school curriculum by bridging the technology gap.”

The program uses the formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions called design thinking, it is a form of solution-based, or solution-focused thinking – starting with a goal (a better future situation) instead of solving a specific problem.

In the spirit of collaboration, Thinkers Lab is partnering with Jump-In ( a social ecosystem focused on changing education as we know it today. Through an innovative approach in which students of tomorrow are equipped to lead, collaborate, and drive their own learning in STEAM and are rewarded for doing so.