Resources And Tutorials Online To Learn Adobe XD

September 5, 2019 in Cultivate, Design

A lot of designers find Adobe XD a smart toolkit for graphics designing. Landing in front of us as a stable version now, this is an incredible kind of go-to application for creating highly engaging prototypes for websites and mobile apps. After its launch in 2016, Adobe XD has continuously added several exciting and useful features to meet the robust expectations of designers effectively. Here are a few online resources and tutorials deemed as the best places to learn to work on Adobe XD.

Resources And Tutorials Online To Learn Adobe XD

# Adobe Experience Design Tutorials

You will find this on the Adobe Systems official website. The tutorials have some videos on teaching the Adobe XD fundamentals. If you wish to learn the basics of this platform and enhance your knowledge of working on it, this is a great resource. The main focus on the tutorials includes teaching you to create a website or app design and layout, interactive prototype designing and how to use the UI toolkits to design.

# Udemy

Udemy is, in fact, a set of tutorials that will expose the different facets of Adobe XD toolkit and teach you how to use them effectively to create a prototype, design the icons and an app screen. It needs onetime payment, and you can access the video tutorials on your mobile or TV. If you are keen to learn the essentials of prototyping and app design, this is a great place to consult.

# What’s New In Adobe XD

A highly exciting tutorial that shares beneficial information on using Adobe XD. Created by the lead designer of Adobe XD, the tutorials focus on some unique functions and applications of this platform. You will benefit from a virtual tour of the Adobe XD and discover how you can make the best use of the toolkit for achieving the desired results.


For beginners in designing, Dansky is one of the best resources to master Adobe tools. This website is an exhaustive place to learn everything you wish to learn about Adobe XD. The various tasks a designer can do on this platform like UI design, creating responsive layout grids and artboards and wireframing, you can get to know about everything you will need to learn to be able to work efficiently on Adobe XD.


Digital artists will find this resource one of the best one online. This resource can teach you the different kinds of graphic design applications on Adobe XD. If you are a newbie to Adobe XD, you will find this tutorial a great avenue to gain a comfortable command over the platform. There are seven tutorials on this site that teach the viewers about the different functions of Adobe XD.

#How To Create Icons In Adobe XD

Icons creation is a critical task connected to website designing. This tutorial teaches the viewers how to make beautiful icons easily and naturally. You will learn how to create icons in a step by step way. You will be exposed to the different features of Adobe XD to create great icons.

This Is How You Can Preview Your Adobe XD Prototype On Your Mobile

December 10, 2018 in Cultivate, Design

Adobe XD, also called as the Experience Design is in its early stages as far as Windows are concerned. In its present stage, the app does not have many features. For example, when you are designing, the program does not provide you the possibility to preview your prototype on your mobile. Mac users have access to this feature, while Windows users do not have it. However, there is an app to rely on. Adobe XD mobile app makes it possible to preview the prototype after you have uploaded it. Though it does not happen in real time, it is still a handy feature to check how the prototype you designed works on your phone after you will upload it. Here is a step by step process of how to do it.

This Is How You Can Preview Your Adobe XD Prototype On Your Mobile

Download the Adobe XD App

There are two versions of the Adobe XD app one for android and the other for iOS. Locate it on the internet, download it and install it.

Locate the assets folder

  • You must now open the creative cloud’s desktop app and click on the middle Assets tab.
  • Click on the Open Folder button, and you will see the assets folder opening in the explorer.
  • Save the folder path. Usually, this will be C:\Users\yourusername\Creative Cloud Files

Save XD files in assets folder

Adobe XD lets you save your files in the path you have copied. The assets you saved in this folder will be automatically uploaded in the same way as it happens in Dropbox.

Open the Adobe XD mobile app

When you have saved the .xd file to the assets folder you have designated, the app will have new looks. When you click on it now, you can preview your prototype on the phone.

However, the platform is not developing fast. Within a short time, you can connect your phone with your PC using a USB and see the Adobe XD App automatically displaying the prototype you are working on at present. Till you land on this feature following the updates, use the app mentioned above to do the job for you.

Tips To Create the Perfect Mobile Interaction System

March 16, 2018 in Cultivate, Design

Mobile interaction system is the key element that decides the success of a mobile design. After all, users expect a smooth and effortless functionality while talking about the mobile design and mobile apps. Here are a few crucial aspects that every mobile interaction system must address.

Innovative UI 

An innovative UI that has original navigations and interactions will help the mobile design stand out from the rest. If a sequence, ease of use and logic are missing from the design, the users are sure to get annoyed. The interactive elements must be easily learnable.

Recognition patterns

Recognition patterns are a crucial aspect of a successful UI designing as they are the features that the users know already and these are the ones that give an idea of how an app works. Certain familiar elements like icons can make the users feel confident about their actions. Most users expect the elements they are accustomed to using.

Clean UI

A large number of mobile screens are small. An effective UI design must think of including all the necessary contents within a small space without cluttering the screen. In a clear UI, the users can easily reach out all the important elements without big troubles. To achieve this end, you can think of deploying icons as interactive components.

Minimum number of actions

When a mobile app lets the users take a long route for accomplishing a task, it can ruin the quality of a user experience. This can happen due to an ineffective interaction system that requires the users to perform too many actions or a functionality that is unnecessary.

Good game mechanics

Users are drawn towards extraordinary and unique aspects. Put in some emotional aspects into the apps to make them appeal to the users. Introducing gaming elements into non-gaming scenarios can evoke the interest of the users. Adding some fun elements can help beat the stress.