Micromanaging Can Be a Sure Key To Success If Done Smartly

May 29, 2018 in Cultivate, Startups

Often the term ‘micromanagement’ has a negative connotation in the domain of leadership topics. We say a leader is micromanaging if they are found fussing over small details instead of having their eyes on the big picture. While this can be true in some cases, studies show that some effective leaders were in fact ‘micromanaging’ with their fingers checking the pulse of what is actually going on in their organization. Here are the ways to do micromanage your business in the right way and get the most out of it.

Micromanaging Can Be A Sure Key To Success If Done Smartly

Ensure you know what is happening
Trusting your employees is a good thing. Nevertheless, as a person in charge, you must really know what is happening under you. If this is not ensured, you are only putting yourself and your business at risk to state it plainly.

You must make your employees feel you trust them
If done rightly, micromanagement need not be something that will alarm your employees. Those leaders found to be micromanaging tend to lose the trust of their employees only when they fail to communicate their intentions to their employees rightly. Tell them you are not there to nitpick them. Also, make them know you have confidence in them that they can do their job well even without someone looking over their shoulders.

How micromanaging can help
Smart micromanaging can help your business grow immensely. When you have a thorough knowledge of what is happening under you, you will be better capacitated to delegate the tasks to the right people when you try out new ventures. The right way of micromanaging will let your workforce know that you are fully aware of the business’s comings and goings.

The far-reaching benefits of micromanagement are better time management, fixing problems when they are just starting, identifying well in time if a process is going bad, making employees feel a sense of ownership of their work, and making the leader an adept in delegating the tasks to the right people during the right time.

5 Tips To Make User Interviews More Effective and Productive

May 25, 2018 in Cultivate, Uncategorized

Deemed as the most common user research strategy, user interviews can bring more value to your discovery phase. While many user interviewers can go wrong, here are a few tips to get the best from them.

5 Tips To Make User Interviews More Effective and Productive

Tips to get the best from user interviews

  • Prepare a set of well-crafted interview questions

Open-ended questions will help avoid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses and draw more from your users. Though short and vague answers are not much welcomed in user interviews, the fault here is with the interviewer who does not frame the questions well. For instance, instead of asking, “Do you like to use the product X?”, it is better to ask, “What do you like about using product X?” a still better way of framing this question is “Tell me how you feel about using product X?” 

  • Right follow-up questions help dig deeper

When you find the interviewee talking about something relevant to your research, find ways to make them expand on that. 

  • Avoid jargons

When you work in a field for so long, you catch up a lot of jargons that become a common component of your communications and understanding. Nevertheless, understand that most users need not be familiar with those jargons and hence you must ensure your conversation is free of any jargons. 

  • Learn to tackle awkward silence

Learn to embrace awkward moments of silence since some best answers can always come after a pause. The pause can be a moment of reflection or the interviewee might need some time to think. Sometimes they might even provide more information to fill the space as they are equally uncomfortable with the silence.

  • Neutralize your reactions

Researchers must be highly conscious of the effects of your behavior on the interviewee. Never react strongly to people’s answers as such reactions can change the way they respond to the next question. Also, if they find some answers pleasing you, they are most likely to think of exciting you with answers in the similar vein. This will make you forgo the chances to find out the truth.

How Smart Speakers And A.I. Can incredibly Empower Physicians

March 8, 2018 in Cultivate, tools

A new line of sophisticated technology coupling A.I. and natural language processing with smart speakers has taken the healthcare industry into strides by bringing about a transformative technology. If you are passionate about innovations in the healthcare sector, here are the ways smart speakers can come to your aid and help empower your physicians.

Invaluable assistance to surgeons

When the surgeons are in the sterile zone to perform a surgery, they can no more use their phones, calculators or the patient’s records. In this scenario, a smart speaker can enable the surgeon quickly determine whether a particular device is available or if a given accessory is the right fit.

Smart speakers help connect with the patients better

Busy surgeons might have to balance their tasks it the emergency room, documentation and also seeing the patients. Their busy schedule might cause them miss out their personal and professional commitments and appointments. Smart speakers can help chart the data in real time while still maintaining the eye contact with the patient. In this way, it facilitates a better patient experience combine with a satisfying physician experience.

Smart speakers facilitate zero-friction access to important information

A busy physician can never tolerate friction. During crucial and hectic times, delays can be deadly and it can nearly drive you mad to think of opening an additional program. Seamless and immediate access to information is a top priority for the healthcare industry. The function ‘ask the room’ can access bits of information that are difficult to remember within a fraction of a second by ‘asking the room’.

Final word

The human brain cannot be depended on at all times. Voice tools provide invaluable assistance to physicians to access information easily and also provide better care. This platform has immense potentials to build some cool apps for the physicians in particular and the healthcare industry professionals in general.