Often you will come across the need to add a dark mode to your WordPress admin dashboard. The dark mode color scheme will make it comfortable to work by minimizing the screen’s white light emission especially when you will have to work during late night hours. Here we will discuss the different steps to add a dark mode to your admin dashboard on a WordPress powered site.

Steps To Add Dark Mode To The Admin Dashboard In WordPress

Understanding dark mode and how it helps a WordPress site

While working late night, the bright color schemes on your computer screen can place excessive stress on your eyes. Most of us are aware of the harmful effects of the screen light on our eyes. However, there is a viable alternative to overcome this problem. These days, quite some apps, operating systems, and websites come with a dark mode color scheme which will not hurt our eyes as the lighter color light rays do.

For example, top-rated websites like YouTube are seen providing a dark color scheme. This facility makes it possible for the viewers to watch the videos late at night with minimum discomfort and a more comfortable viewing facilitated.

What is the problem?

WordPress features admin color schemes. But no option from the default color schemes of the WordPress can help bring down the white light emission from the screen. Fortunately, there is an exclusive plugin that can come to your help in this regard. Here we discuss how to add a dark mode to the WordPress admin area in easy steps to make working on the site easier mainly when you sit with it during late night hours.

Steps to add a dark mode to the Admin dashboard in WordPress

Adding dark mode to the admin area in the WordPress site is rather very easy. Here are the simple steps that will guide you through to do this within a short time. This step by step guide will walk you through installing and activating the Dark Mode WordPress plugin can help you with this mission.

After activating, visit your Users >>Your profile page. Check the box next to the ‘Dark Mode’ option. This step will enable the dark mode. Once this is done, never forget to click on Save Changes button so that your setting is stored. Now you will find your WordPress admin is getting into the dark color scheme mode.

Some points for your information

Dark mode color scheme is not part of the default admin color scheme. However, it is possible to use it efficiently in combination with all existing WordPress admin color schemes. Earlier, the plugin to do this was not compatible with the Gutenberg editor who was being developed at that time. Hence the plugin was found to switch back to the regular WordPress admin color schemes while writing posts using the new editor. This plugin can, however, work well with the new editor when you use the upcoming versions of the same. In the meantime, it is possible to switch to the classic WordPress editor to get a consistent dark mode experience enabled.