The Benjamin Bear is a contemporary street wear clothing line. The Benjamin Bear meaning ‘success the hard way’ as in no short cuts in life grew to be the embodiment of the contemporary street culture, by playing an integral part in today’s skaters, hip-hop heads, artists, and dreamer alike. A Cultivated Mindset develops the brand, marketing, and overall vision for The Benjamin Bear, including all web assets.

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We love Charlotte! Period. We hope you do too. The Queen City is home to some of the best people in the world and now is your chance to share it! We’ve got a sticker for every neighborhood you call home: NODA, Uptown, SouthEnd, University and everywhere else in the greater Charlotte area.

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Play this game to improve your brain's flexibility and creativity. blockTONES will train your brain to avoid errors, develop impulse control, and improve creative problem solving. Don't become a blockhead, play blocktones.

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