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Every day we are trying to improve our techniques, development styles, and investment strategy. Traditionally, A Cultivated Mindset has developed, designed, and partnered in creating multiple SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) related products. Take a glimpse of the current development and investments of A Cultivated Mindset.

A complex but simple way to do E-commerce printing

Project Overview:

Benjamin Bear: Streetwear translated to web design - Benjamin Bear has been delivering limited contemporary streetwear since 2005. They provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for their customers. The Benjamin Bear came to us to integrate an e-commerce shopping experience with on-demand printing. Therefore customers can still have great products delivered on time as well as reducing an inventory nightmare.


  • - Create a real minimalist streetwear web presence, so the brand remains true to customer
  • - Provide a better system of capturing new customers.
  • - On-demand printing integration from a direct ordering process
  • - Create a mobile version of the site so that customers can shop with ease.


  • On-Demand Printing

The Benjamin Bear is now integrated with an on-demand printing system for limited product items that are created by their outstanding designers. This reduces inventory warehousing by 73% and increases marketing efficiency.

  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Benjamin Bear comes with integration for Mail Chimp directly from the shopping cart - ideal for repeat customer marketing campaigns

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Giving Artist True Freedom

Project Overview:

Whether you are a garage band, an existing independent label, or even a traveling musical, your creative content is key. Disctopia will help you cut the middle man and let your content reach its full potential. Disctopia came to A Cultivated Mindset in a time when the streaming wars were started to heat up. We develop, design, and deploy not only a website but two mobile applications and an entire infrastructure that matches the brand perfectly.


  • - Develop a brand for the highly competitive streaming entertainment industry
  • - Create a platform for users to upload media files
  • - On-demand streams via mobile applications
  • - Mobile application development and design for fans to stream indie creatives media files
  • - AZURE Integration - Complete integration with AZURE blog, database storage, and API integration development.
  • - Financial Transaction Development - A Cultivated Mindset helped Disctopia fully integrate Stripe payments for artist's and creatives' payments from their fans.
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Experience quality design and thoughfully crafted maintenance.

Project Overview:

ACN is the world's largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy, and essential services for homes and businesses. A Cultivated Mindset was given the opportunity to improve their digital presence by designing, developing, and maintaining a Content Management System (CMS) for over 100,000 users and combined associates. Whether it was installing, creating, or updating complex plugins - we did it.


- Develop a content management strategy that fit the rigorous update and management schedule
- Create a platform for users to upload, update and change posts, pages & media files
- Create and design UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environments for 3 departments
- Design, and uploaded over 1000 graphics to place on the current website and marketing materials
- Train, coach and guide the marketing staff on how to maintain and update material on the CMS platform
- Develop true ADA complaint content management process for new and previous content
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Do more than exist

Mamizi is a platform that curates an ecosystem for women to develop a blueprint for success in their given industry. A Cultivated Mindset developed and designed the ecosystem to help women create and develop those blueprints which were centered around technology-driven experiences. Mamizi is a convergence of women to build & learn in media, technology, and other entrepreneurial environments.

The Mamizi mobile application is dedicated to developing creative women by helping them achieve their goals. Miami's main three sectors are "Media" "Small Business/Entrepreneurship" and "Technology." The application focuses on a purposeful curriculum that will engage users from the technology space to media.

The platform also has digital content that helps guide women on a true journey towards success. Our Entrepreneurship track and focus will center around the pressure of "choices vs options” that will allow users to make educated decisions based on real metrics and innovative experiences. A Cultivated Mindset developed design and digital assets for the Mamizi Project including social media engagement, website configurations as well as the Mamizi mobile Application.

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A Trusted Engineering Platform

Geoscience Group, Inc. is a 26-year old professional engineering company founded in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their core competencies are Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Land Surveying, Water & Resources Engineering. They reached out to A Cultivated Mindset to design and development a complete Data & Document Management system. Could you imagine filling out a physical form in the rain while you are trying to enter Geotechnical metrics? Neither could we; ACM help change their process to become more mobile and digital-friendly.


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