Start Up Basics

$249.00 / month and a $599.00 sign-up fee

Finally you can focus on what is needed. The Start Up package is intended for businesses that have less than 10 employees but need the full support of development agency. Need a different option?

  • Description

    Product Description

    A Cultivated Mindset is a very knowledgeable team which are active members in the website design and development community. We have completed multiple projects for small businesses including plugin development, award winning design, and have contributed to many businesses core process to help streamline productivity worldwide. By allowing us to streamline and optimize your company’s website development update process, A Cultivated Mindset saves Maintaining time, which means you also save money. Which means higher profits for your company.

    Start-up Plan features

    • Link Monitoring
    • Security Monitoring & Updates
    • Performance Updates
    • Up-time Monitoring
    • Plugin Updates
    • SEO Ranking & Optimization
    • Monthly Client Reports
    • Monthly Backups
    • Custom Website Design
    • Website Development
    • General Website Maintenance & Updates
    • Automatic Transfer
    • Free SSL
    • * 3-week delivery for new sites
  • Custom Website Design

    Detailed design to make your life easier.

    At A Cultivated Mindset we have a strong web design team is also experienced in user interface design, graphic design, and web application development. We will deliver a clean and contemporary look to suit a range of purposes from corporate, tech startup, marketing departments to digital storefronts. True web mixed with business elements that are designed to showcase content in a diverse yet consistent manner. Regardless of the type of website your business needs you can count on A Cultivated Mindset to deliver. Most professional web design agencies offer ongoing support and training, website maintenance programs, and A Cultivated Mindset is very helpful in third-party vendor conflict resolution as well.

  • Website Development

    Develoment that drives your business forward

    Whether it is a new or existing site, you are in good hands. A Cultivated Mindset will develop a fully integrated site. Included with Security Checks, link monitoring, and vulnerability updates. Building a website is a complicated project, and careful planning definitely helps. A Cultivated Mindset has an established process based on our experience. We makes sure your project keeps moving forward without overlooking any details. Our “New” website process workflow goes like this:

    • Strategy – The research and preparation in this step is the foundation for the design and development work.
    • Design – The visual look of the website begins to take shape and any custom design elements created.
    • Build – This is where the creative vision turns into reality. Developers build the website functionality and add the content.
    • Test – This is where the new site undergoes extensive beta testing, including functionality on different browsers and devices.
    • Launch – This includes any last touches and moving the site to a live server.
    • Report – The last step is tracking the new site’s performance and making required tweaks and content updates. Repeat this step as needed.

    Newly designed sites only take about 3 weeks to complete from beginning to end. A Cultivated Mindset can also create a custom time line for your project based on your specific requirements.

  • Website Maintenance & Updates

    Timely Updates & Friendly Support

    Our clients and customers loves the comfort of each subscription that comes with free support. Our dedicated support team makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient. With A Cultivated Mindset, we can facilitate most updates in one business day. As a result, we can offer lower support subscription costs to our clients, while maintaining a high level of service quality. As a result, A Cultivated Mindset can then focus on the other needs of your business, such as app development.