A Cultivated Mindset, a Charlotte-based technology solutions firm, announced today the launch of its new, innovative Thinker’s Lab after-school program for Charlotte youth. After successfully piloting the program at Charlotte Lab School in uptown Charlotte, the firm will be expanding the program to other schools in the Charlotte area.

Thinker’s Lab is an after-school program designed to provide a unique learning experience by combining digital media, technology and entrepreneurship for grade school children. The program will teach them critical IT and development skills through participation with technology. Through the program, each student creates a technology project, from websites and mobile applications to future product designs for a non-existing hardware.

“Our program will highlight digital media and technology and help schools address the overwhelming void in the digital media and technology space,” said Patrick Hill, Executive Director of A Cultivated Mindset. “We believe this program is a great addition to any current school curriculum by bridging the technology gap.”

The program uses the formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions called design thinking, it is a form of solution-based, or solution-focused thinking – starting with a goal (a better future situation) instead of solving a specific problem.

In the spirit of collaboration, Thinkers Lab is partnering with Jump-In (www.Jumpin.io). a social ecosystem focused on changing education as we know it today. Through an innovative approach in which students of tomorrow are equipped to lead, collaborate, and drive their own learning in STEAM and are rewarded for doing so.