Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.

A Cultivated Mindset provides business design and development technology solutions and services to clients around the globe. To see the success we’ve helped them achieve, check out some of our featured clients below.

Focus on building something beautiful...

We drive innovation everyday. A Cultivated Mindset (ACM), won an innovation award because it is focused on creating solutions to complex business problems with technology. ACM has produced various products including BlockTONES, a popular game in the Apple App store that helps improve your brain’s flexibility and creativity (which is known to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease) and RocketSwap which allows you to sell anything from gadgets to books on a college campus. We even keep it simple, such as new Blood pressure Monitoring iOS app.

News Release Now

Local news sources should be about more than the weather and road conditions. Local news is powerful because it paints the picture of what is happening in your neighborhood and your community – things you might not notice otherwise, but which may be important for your daily life. is the only HYPER-local news release distribution and media pitching service offering customized communications solutions that are effective and cost-efficient.

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The Charlotte Post Milleninum Concepts

Minority owned and operated, The Charlotte Post Publishing Company, Inc. (TCPPC) has served as a dominant force in educating, empowering and enlightening African-American communities throughout our 8 County Coverage Area in North Carolina and upstate South Carolina since 1878. A Cultivated Mindset developed a true new age concept to help propelled them in the 21st century

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The Comfy Coach

Comfy Coach is a shuttle service dedicated to easing the pain of the daily commute. Experience the most comfortable commute you'll ever have. Luxury Accommodations, Premium seating wth plenty of room encourages you to relax before starting a busy work day.

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uMata - Never Alone

You have a circle of medical professionals, family and friends looking after your wellbeing. IN TOUCH, Easy way to stay in touch with your loved one.


Your loved one can keep track of their heart rate and rate of activity.


Your loved one can get reminders to take medications from their doctor.