Why The Apple AR Kit Is A Hot Topic For Developers

May 2, 2019 in tools

Augmented reality transforms your surroundings and builds fancier worlds on it. In other words, it greatly augments the way you experience the world around you with your senses. Apple AR kit is a stunning development platform that can help bridge between the user’s real world and the developer’s visual space.

The ultimate purpose of the AR kit for the developers is to create some games and apps that will create augmented reality experiences for the users on iPad and iPhone. Working on Visual-Inertial Odometry (VIO) technique, an AR Kit can help place a virtual object in a real room and create amazing new experiences. Here are the startling advantages of AR Kit.

Apple AR Kit Highlights

  • Rules out the need for the iOS users to install third-party apps for scanning QR codes as the pre-installed camera app of the iOS 11 does this job.
  • The two inputs that the VIO blends are the CoreMotion data and the camera sensor data. This helps in quick, stable and accurate motion tracking and let the objects appear as they are placed in real space.
  • The advanced camera sensor on the AR Kit precisely estimates the light intensity in a given scene and applies the proportionate lighting to the virtual objects. This can help create a highly realistic AR content to the users. This will facilitate more CPU for graphics rendering ensuring a higher visual fidelity.
  • The highly useful features of AR kit are the SceneKit and Metal support and third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. Hence you will get great levels of detail and amazing visual fidelity.
  • The processors running the AR Kit are Apple A9 and A10 which are marked by the great performance and ability to create a highly descriptive visual content.
  • Apple Kit’s promises to the developers are endless and the developmental platform foretells the possibility to develop a lot of exciting games in future.

Interesting React Native Tools For Your Upcoming Project

January 17, 2019 in tools

Today React Native has become the most popular and the most widely used JavaScript framework code library. React Native lets JavaScript developers create stunning native mobile apps with attractive user interfaces. The most important factor that makes react Native highly desirable is its ability to support both Android and iOS development. Here are a few React Native tools that can help accelerate the app development process which you can make use of in your upcoming project.


This open source text editor is reputed for its hackability and easy approach. It can support Mac, Linux, and Windows. Atom facilitates choosing from different open source packages for achieving more functions and features. The various aspects of this text editor are an in-built package manager, multiple file navigation through a single window, amazing themes and designs, and cross-platform editing.


This free to use React Native tool facilitates hackability. The support from a huge community of developers is an added advantage. The built-in support for Flow includes inline errors, jump-to-definition, and auto-complete features. The various services it offers include Remote and JavaScript development, working sets, task runner, hack development, in-built debugging, and mercurial support.

Visual Studio Code

Created by Microsoft, this versatile React Native code editor can support JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js. this program also features an elaborate support system to support other runtimes like Unity and .NET and languages like C++, C#, Java, PHP, and Python. The perfect combination of tools for source code editing and developing like debugging and IntelliSense code completion make it a unique program. It can support a variety of platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux.


This is a React Native tool chain free to use. The different features of this program include community forums, clack community, and documentation. It provides a rich source of React Native components with Expo SDK library as a highly desirable feature. Developers find the native APIs very useful for both iOS and Android platforms.


This React Native programming tool facilitates static typing and highly reliable, fast and simplified coding experience. You can customize it with JavaScript and type interface. The different types of services include real-time feedback and ease of integration. With the help of static typing annotations, this program can monitor errors in the code.


Highly appreciated for its live coding feature and a time-travelling debugger, Redux can help develop applications that can run in both native and front-end platforms. It works very well with React.js and other view libraries.


Running on JSX and JavaScript libraries, ESLint helps in detecting the errors you will come across while programming and also exploring the present source code. Operating on Node.js, it can support developing apps that can run on Mac, Linux and Windows. Transparency, in-built plugins and clear documentation are its top features.


Comprising of plugins and boilerplate, Ignite CLI is a free to use React Native tool chain. It facilitates access to several boilerplates and helps supporting plugins. Meant for both iOS and Android, the different services offered by this program are customizable usage examples, components and themes and API testing.

Can React Native Be The Future Of Mobile App Development?

December 20, 2018 in tools

Mobile app development as an industry is expected to generate $188.9 billion revenue across the globe in 2020 through app stores and in-app advertising. Users are now hoping for faster, better and more innovative apps. While designing quality native apps is a highly time-consuming job, developing cross-platform apps can happen quickly, when the quality can be compromised a bit. React Native is today a popular platform for developing brilliant apps that can rapidly transform the world of mobile.

Can React Native Be The Future Of Mobile App Development

Understanding React Native

React Native is today maintained by the developers on Instagram and Facebook. It can be understood as the native version of the JavaScript library. It facilitates a faster road to completion and can perform great on targeted platforms. It is straightforward to debug. React Native helps to create mobile apps that are similar to the apps developed using Java or Objective-C. It employs the same kind of fundamental building blocks that the regular iOS and Android Apps make use of.

However, while developing on React Native, these blocks are assembled using React Native and JavaScript. Today React Native has become a highly popular one that has massive community support and market share within a few years of its introduction.

Jeff Meyerson, the champion of the podcast Software Engineering Daily, says React Native will easily overtake the survive the most competitive mobile app development niche and continue to take over a bigger share of the mobile ecosystem. Here we discuss the reasons why React Native can become the future of mobile app development.

Unique advantages of React Native

Cross-platform compatibility

React Native is highly cross-platform compatible. Though originally developed foriOS, it was extended to support Android as well. Today the majority of React Native APIs are cross-platform enabling the developers build both iOS and Android apps on this platform.

Amazing native functionality

Along withJavaScript, React Native can help run most complex apps very smoothly. They can even outperform their native apps. Hence building apps on React Native is a highly viable solution to develop robust apps.

Live updates instantly

The developers can push the updates directly to the user’s phones instead of routing them through the app store update cycle. Hence the users can enjoy the advantages of the updated versions rather immediately and need not deal with the problems connected to the older versions.

Highly user friendly

It is very easy to read React Native. It relies on language fundamental and hence the perfect tool for the native developers who are not that familiar with JavaScript. The different components of React Native like maps and filters are highly useful.

Incredible developer experience

React Native can assure a robust developing environment assuring a great experience for the developers. For beginners, it enables modifications and implementations possible even when the app is running without the need to restart it.

Support by Facebook

Facebook engineering assures great support to React Native. There is a massive developing community behind React Native. This community is continuously improving the framework by setting futuristic goals and promising a bettering technology.

Electricity Supply Needs Make Bitcoin Dependent On The Government

June 7, 2018 in tools

The claim by the Bitcoin advocates that the establishment is free from government’s control is far from true since Bitcoin seems to be heavily dependent on the government for an abundant and cheap electricity supply.

Electricity Supply Needs Make Bitcoin Dependent On The Government

Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (POW) protocol is what is making the company face a desperate need for electricity. Notably, POW can be explained as the complicated puzzles that must be solved by the Bitcoin miners to secure the entry to verify the block of transactions and submit a claim for the mining reward. As on date, the present value of the mining reward is 12.5 new bits coins and the transaction fees. The miners will need a lot of computation skills to guess these mathematical puzzles.

The scenario makes it clear that those miners who are hardworking and owning advanced computing systems will only win. POW will generate a hash or sequence of digits without any clues or logic, in fact, there is never an element of solving in this. The miners will only have to make an extensive amount of guesswork.

The more the number of guesses the miners can make per second, the more are their chances of winning. Also, the more the number of tickets they buy, the more is their chance of winning. Hence advanced computers and access to unlimited electricity are a crucial need necessitated by POW. The miners must upgrade to advanced computers or lose out their chances of winning to the other miners. The specialist mining rig combined with an exclusive processor called as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is very expensive.

Studies show that over 80% of the Bitcoin mining happens in countries that have cheap and abundant electricity. This is because POW uses an enormous amount of electricity and hence the biggest cost for the Bitcoin miners is electricity.

With the expected rise in Bitcoin price, the consumption of electricity will also rise. Some governments worldwide have already started denying Bitcoin miners access to public power grids. In the US, studies show that the electricity consumption by the Bitcoin miners seriously impacts the ordinary electricity consumers.

Yet another concern discovers that Bitcoin’s POW protocol carries an environmental cost. Many counties do not prefer supporting Bitcoin mining at the expense of their own communities. Even the private electricity suppliers need to abide by the government regulations and it does not make sense commercially for them to supply power to Bitcoin.

Even if Bitcoin might wish to produce its own electricity, it will need land and natural resources which can’t be obtained without the consent of the government. Hence in some way or the other, Bitcoin is completely dependent of the government for its electricity needs which becomes its Achilles heel.


How To Build A Data Science Platform For Startups From Scratch

June 2, 2018 in tools

Today, data science has become a crucial product for startups to improve the product and performance. The various applications of data science for startups include the following.

How To Build A Data Science Platform For Startups From Scratch

  • Discovering the important business metrics to measure as well as forecast
  • Constructing predictable prototypes of customer behavior
  • Conducting experiments for product changes testing
  • Developing data products that can facilitate new product characteristics

In fact, most organizations are struck up with the first two or three steps without benefiting from the complete potentials of the data science. Small teams can nevertheless make use of managed services to move ahead of data pipelines to perceive how data science can help in product development.

Step by step guide to deploying data science for product development

Data tracking

The entire process of deploying data science for product development starts with data capture from different applications and web pages. The users must first learn the different methods of gathering the tracking data. During the process, it is necessary to be familiar with the ideas of privacy and fraud.

Understanding data pipelines

The second step consists of working with the different approaches to data collection for analysis. It is necessary to know how to deal with flat files, data lakes, and database. Programs like PubSub, DataFlow, and BigQuery will be of immense help during this stage.

Data analysis

The most common data analysis used for delving deep into the data include constructing histograms and distribution functions. Correlation analysis follows then.

Predictive modeling

The analysts work with the different approaches to supervised and unsupervised learning and develop churn and cross-promotion predictive models. During this stage, analysts must also evaluate offline model performance.

Production of model

Offline models are scaled up to score a voluminous record. The business must now be familiar with batch and online approaches pertaining to model deployment.


This step involves A/B products testing and setting up an experimentation framework to run experiments. Following this, a recommender is scaled up for a production system.

Social VR Is Going To Be The Future Of Social media

May 27, 2018 in tools

Social VR is fast growing to become the future of social media as it has immense potentials to revolutionize the online interactions. This is the reason why Facebook has invested a huge deal in VR. Following the launch of Samsung’s Gear VR headset meant for the mobile phones, Zuckerberg now says, “VR is going to be the most social platform.

Social VR Is Going To Be The Future Of Social media

The best is still to come”. Since their launch, only gaming enthusiasts have accounted for the majority of VR headset sales. Nevertheless, industry leaders have an opinion that social experiences can bring people to take an active interest in VR.

Why do we say VR is fast changing the social media game?

The basic reason why a lot of customers are not highly excited about VR technology is that there is no quality content available in this realm. This is because it is very expensive to produce quality content on VR platform. Therefore we have enough reasons to conclude that social networks in the domain of VR can certainly change the game. To drive this lesson clearer, Vinay Narayan, VR Product Management, HTC Vive says, “You can get bored of a platform but not of people interacting with each other through that platform.”

Some great VR innovations creating strides

  • vTime developed by Starship Studio is perhaps the best conglomeration of all the features you will need to find in VR for applying it to a social media platform. vTime makes it possible for four people from four different parts of the globe to seamlessly interact with each other in a shared space.
  • Rec Room is a startling VR platform that has added fun-twists on the conventional games in order to gamify the act of socializing. It facilitates playing games with anyone who is online. Rec Room is today regarded as the ideal platform for playing multiplayer VR games.
  • VRChat has become very popular with YouTubers as it enables users to add their own content to the world. VRChat has succeeded in creating a VR space that people have always dreamt of.

Baby Monitoring – How Good Is Technology In Giving You Peace Of Mind

May 19, 2018 in tools

Being a parent for the first time feels nervous for most people. When you prepare to invite that cute, small creature to your family, you also bring bundles of anxieties regarding the baby’s health and wellness. The business world has not failed to capitalize on these parental anxieties and the need for parents to stay at peace with regard to their child. The line of wearable smart baby sensors is an example to this technological innovations. Nevertheless, do these gadgets assure real peace of mind or doing the contrary is the topic of this discussion.

Baby Monitoring - How Good Is Technology In Giving You Peace Of Mind

Some of the startling examples of smart baby monitors include the Owlet Smart Sock, the MonBaby Smart Button, and the Snuza Pico. These devices are to be placed on your baby’s body to monitor aspects of respiration, heartbeat, baby’s sleeping position, blood oxygen level, body temperature and others. If there are notable fluctuations or changes in these aspects, this device and your smartphone connected to it can send signals to warn you. Though the concept is exciting to new parents, the actual experience reveals the results are far from encouraging.

Downsides to smart baby monitors

  • In reality, constant information does not guarantee comfort, rather it can inspire a perennial anxiety.
  • Most devices suffer range issues and cannot transmit the signals when your smartphone goes out of coverage distance. In many cases, you will have to leave your phone within ten feet from your baby.
  • False alarms due to some technical snags are a universal problem in most devices which drive you to panic when things are fine with your baby.
  • Often placing the devices in position on the baby’s body is a problem since you will have to change the baby diapers frequently.
  • Some features that the device markers promise do not work or need a firmware update which can make the process a nuisance and hassle.
  • The FDA has not approved any of these devices for use as a medical device. In fact, the Journal of American Medical Association has warned that there are no valid medical reasons for monitoring healthy babies at home.

The above-said facts based on a realistic experience of using these devices make us wonder whether it is a smart decision to invest in these expensive smart baby monitors to monitor your baby while they can never guarantee the much-needed peace of mind.

ID Cards Of Chinese Citizens Are Moving On To Smartphones

May 9, 2018 in tools

Tencent and Alibaba are found in a stiff competition with each other to get a Universal ID of Chinese Citizens. Now Alibaba is adding digital IDs to its payment app across three cities namely Quzhou, Fuzhou, and Hangzhou. Notably, national identity is a very important aspect of life in China. Back in 2017, Tencent was on the News for bringing a digital ID system on WeChat for one of the largest cities of China namely Guangzhou.

ID Cards Of Chinese Citizens Are Moving On To Smartphones

So far Tencent and Alibaba are battling out their way to strengthen the ubiquitous payment system. Now they are seen competing to grab cities to move the ID cards on to smartphones in their digital format.

Creating a digital ID for the Alipay version is just simple as selecting the ‘Web ID’ under the ‘Card Wallet’ and scanning their faces.

The Public Security Bureau is issuing ID cards to the Chinese citizens at the age of 16. About 1.4 billion citizens of China which are roughly about 60% of the total population now own a smartphone.

Within 7 years of its debut, WeChat has now got 902 million users in an average on a day. These statistics show that almost everyone in China owns a smartphone.

The ruling Tech dynasty of China is highly in favor of deploying artificial intelligence to promote the country’s stability as well as fuel economic growth. Given this scenario, we can hope to see WeChat can become the country’s electronic ID system.

Since the national ID card is considered as the official document for personal identification provided by the Public Security Bureau, having digital ID is highly essential in China where social credit rating will be linked to all citizens by 2020.

China is seen inventing vigorously in the mobile world pointing out to the possibility that the country will become the first mover in the IoE (Internet of everything). The promising trends in the Chinese integration of ID into the mobile app will only mean that China’s internet is going to be more streamlined bundled with sophisticated features and an easy user experience.

What To Watch Out For When Devices Are Getting Smarter

April 27, 2018 in tools

From smartphones to smart appliances, everything around is getting smarter today with every manufacturer trying to breathe ‘smartness’ into their devices and appliances. Smart devices readily satisfy the expectations of the users and have enhanced the quality of life besides helping the users get the most out of their devices in an economic way. However, you must watch out for a few things when you invest in a smarter technology so that you get the best out of them as well as do not feel being lost in any way.

Smart devices

What does the company do with the metadata gathered?

The smart devices are configured to track everything that the user does. Companies are gathering a lot of information by noting the user behavior. Most of the data gathered thus goes online. Hence you must ensure that there is no threat to your privacy and security.

Will the maker of a device stay in future?

Do not buy from very young start-ups. The software development connected to the production of IoT devices make them very expensive. It is common to see most of the device makers go out of the business sooner than you might imagine. If this happens, the devices can also go useless. It is also very difficult to replace these devices. Explore whether these companies are funded well and whether they are committed to assuring a satisfying customer service.

Usability and standards

Reflect on factors such as whether you will need an internet connection to use the product or if the product is compliant with the established standards. This can make a huge difference in whether you are going to use the device only for a few months or years. If you can use the product offline too, it can be a green signal to go for it. Similarly, go for products that you can use without an account or internet.

Despite all these concerns, most of these smart devices can help improve the quality of your life and Hence a proper research must be able to get you going well with most of them.

Why Cable Cars Are The Future Of Public Transport In Cities

April 19, 2018 in tools

The image of a cable car always gets to our minds a hilly tourist terrain and tourists enjoying the scenic beauties from above gliding smoothly from the suspended cabin. The successful launch of cable cars for public transport in some buzzing cities and hard to travel geographies has made us wonder if cable cars have come to indicate the future of public transport, especially in cities. Here are some amazing advantages of cable cars that make them the most preferred mode of transport for the citizens.

Cable cars

The major deployment

La Paz, the capital of Bolivia has got the extensive network of cable cars on the earth named Mi Teleférico that stretches over 11 kilometers. The extension project underway will see it cover 30 kilometers more. Services depart once in every 12 seconds with 10 passengers in each cable car with the maximum capacity of transporting about 6000 passengers in an hour.

Cable car highlights

  • Bridging tricky terrains is easy with cable cars.
  • They can easily get people to and from huge mass transit systems.
  • They are very cheap to construct and maintain.
  • The sophisticated designs of cable cars can suit extreme weather conditions.
  • They rule out the nuisance of getting stuck in traffic and reduce the commuting time significantly.
  • Cable cars feature modular designs and are clean. They run quietly.
  • They are powered by electricity and not by fuels that pollute the environment.
  • The cable car neighborhoods report reduced crime rates (noted in the case of Medellín valley, Columbia).

Points to remember

Though cable cars point out to futuristic transport solutions that have a lot more advantages than the traditional transport modes, it is not possible to just copy paste them to suit another city environment. The right way to adopt them for new locations is to integrate them well into the existing travel networks, market properly to the local population and price them suitably to make them more affordable and practicable to serve the underserved communities and all cities at large.

 Mixed responses

The most interesting part of technology is the mixed reaction it is likely to generate in people. Cable cars implemented for mass transit is received with horror and fear on one hand and excitement and merriment on the other. However, making them work successfully in new and challenging environments can be highly rewarding and exciting.

Blockchain Does Not Have All the Answers—But It Shows Future Could be Better

March 28, 2018 in tools

The rise of the Blockchain is not a hoax—it provides some answers to the problem of sharing valuable data in a more systematic way, which can be used to better the society. A lot of people associate Blockchain with digital currencies only but its applications can have wider reach and impact. Yet, there are many problems that the software platform faces.

One of the co-founders of Blockchain, Nicolas Cary said: “The promise is there, but a lot of hard work still needs to be done.”

Well, the main reason why such software platforms are needed is the need of data available to the public without any exploitation of personal or sensitive information of the users. Right now, private entities like banks, telecom operators, retails have important data but public access to this data is neither accessible nor secure for open access. The movement for Open Data has been there but the system or the technology has not been developed yet.

One of the issues that Blockchain faces is computational scalability. As more systems are added to this software platform, the scalability problem would increase further.

The digital world is fraught with distrust and the veracity of any policy, any strategy, or any product’s success is always jeopardized because of the unavailability of trustful information based on data that is real. Fake news, identity theft, and cybercrime are on rising, which further raises questions about any digital identity. Not only businesses but governance and services also depend heavily on the truthfulness of the data.

Blockchain does provide a way to make data publicly accessible but it needs a lot of work. A more optimal solution is needed to make sure computation scalability could be achieved. Obviously, apart from being one of the biggest technological advancements of the 21st century, it would also open a wide business opportunity for the tech companies to grab.

VoiceShopping–How About Editing Your Voice with a Software?

March 24, 2018 in tools

Do you remember how Photoshop became part and parcel of our digital life?—the designers all over the world heaved a sigh of relief when they knew they have a software that could help them manipulate an image and create different versions.

Well, what if I tell you there is something that can Photoshop your voice—or if you would like to call it VoiceShop?

Yes, in 2016, Adobe demonstrated this product and it is still in the development phase, but the possibilities are so unique and somewhat concerning.

The software known as Adobe VoCo could manipulate your voice—it can edit the voice, rearrange order or words and even insert new words in the recording whether they are said or not. It is not a regular tool that could change the pitch or speed of the audio—it is truly a manipulator of the voice.

Obviously, there are concerns about such kind of tools because they could cause harm to the society—if the voice could be modulated and manipulated like that, it poses a lot of threat to data and security. This is the reason, this software is not popular and not many people around the world know about it.

When the software was demonstrated, there was a mention of using an audio watermark, which would identify the copyright of the audio just like people used it for visual content. This will also help in limiting the possibility of editing the audio and recognizing whether it has been done or not.

In the wake of multimedia content being used in digital properties, such software could prove quite handy; however, like any other tool, there are security issues too. In Photoshop, an image could be altered, though a lot of people could now identify the altered image; however, what happens if the voice message or the audio is altered. Such things still need to be tested, made secure and then given to the masses.