First there is inspiration, then there is the execution, and finally there is the release.

Since 2011, A Cultivated Mindset has been a web design and marketing company that produces purpose driven mobile applications, websites & brands backed by full marketing support to give businesses the ability and confidence to take ownership of their marketing strategies to generate clear results.

Our goal is to become partners with all our clients by developing trusted relationships and positioning our business to give, serve and share with 100% satisfaction and delivering positive results to our clients. Our vision is that ACM will be a working example to all businesses by demonstrating successful strategies, both traditional and online, and implementing best-practice design and development aligned with latest in technology so that your company can be successful.

Company established in 2011
by Patrick Hill

Developed over 50 websites for various organizations and created the first mobile application to help fight brain disease.

Funded by local partners
& MIG Investments

Also During this time A Cultivated Mindset completed multiple SharePoint projects and web application projects for Bank Of America, Duke Energy, Well Fargo and many others

Posted record profit
second quarter 2015

At this point A Cultivated Mindset is soaring. We starting an education program called Thinker's Lab" and also moved forward with our biggest project to date. "Disctopia"

Organic Growth
& 20/20 Vision

Today and going forward A Cultivated is a true solutions firm that will continue to build excellent partnerships with clients while growing its project investment portfolio into the multi-millions by 2020

  • The Stakeholder

    A well-driven process

    As the Stakeholder, the ones who have desires, wants, and needs, and are the reason A Cultivated Mindset is developing the software in the first place. While the Stakeholders are the most important source of validation for the project, the most important person on our team is the Product Owner (PO).

    Each project of ACM includes a very transparent management style. All stakeholders are informed each step of the way.

  • Product Owners

    We take ownership

    Each ACM project will get one. The Product Owner works with each Stakeholder, and represents their interests to the develop and design teams, and is the first person held accountable for our team’s success. The Product Owner must find a result that will satisfy the Stakeholders’ needs and desires. The Product Owner provides direction and goals for the Team and prioritizes what will be done.

  • The ACM Experience

    Project Transparency

    ACM will share project data between project participants across all management levels throughout the project lifecycle. It is the best way to observe any project status while also delivering essential between design and development teams. Teams can easily access and work with project data, no matter where they’re located and when they try to access.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

ACM is comprised of the best talent and resources to date. We call members of our team, TeXs (pronounced techs) “TeX” is typesetting system designed and mostly written by Donald Knuth. The system gives exactly the same results on all computers, at any point in time – which is what we strive for here at ACM. We are a fully distributed team. It’s a decision we had to make in the fall of 2016.

Happiness is important to ACM and it should be to you. We just love the fact we are distributed all across the world, literally spread across the whole planet. What does this mean for you as client or a future team member? Meaning that we’ll be deploying solutions and replying to your questions from around the world! We are from multiple countries and continents. Becoming a diverse (and inclusion) company and living in places that makes you happy is one of our core beliefs, and will stay with the company.


We are a globally distributed team

Want to Join the Team? Find out how!

Patrick Hill
Executive Director
Whitney Griffin, Esq
V.P. and General Counsel
Stevee Cotton
Application Manager & Designer
Ben Leeson
Business Advisory & Consultant
Savanna Leon
Jr. Developer
Algie Wiley
Solutions Architect
Jaydeep Patel
Applications Architect
Sujal Bandhara
Mobile Solutions Architect
Vyoma Panchal
Applications Architect

Partners and Organizations

We have partnered with some best partners and community organizations. Every day we strive to our best with local and national leaders in the innovation space.